Minggu, 06 November 2011

It's Time to Set Sail

One chapter of my life has ended, 4 months of Apprenticeship. I learn a lot of thing from that Apprenticeship program. About culture, how big company run their businesses, how to handle customer and communicate with a lot of people with different background. It was a great moment. Now I will face another chapter of my life maybe as a transition period, since I will "continue" my internship here.

For a moment and some reason, I thought I hate this job. Too many administrative job and I think I'd love to work as a field engineer than this silly office work. I love creative and innovative way of work. Kind a "We have problems and how to solve it" things or "We have this process and how we optimize it" work. Not only this office work and do some paperwork. But, when I see the bigger picture and my long term goal, in this company I can get what I really wanted to learn. Of course I want to apply my engineering knowledge but I think that thought just pop out because "I have done something (in this case: learn engineering) so I want to do something (engineer things)" not because "I want to do something (long tern goals) so I need to do something (short term goals)". See the difference?

So, the question is "What I want?" so I decide to continue have my internship here?

I want to learn about many different kind of business process. I want to learn about everything that they (business owner) need to expand their business. I will build my own business in near 3 or 4 years. And my business will integrate technology innovation, business and community.

I wanted to become connector between research and business. So people won't do useless research, their research will be used by people, and with business we will get profit so we can continue the research process. Today we can't see the direct effect of our research. Even the biggest innovation event (ex: PKM, Pekan Karya Tulis Mahasiswa) in Indonesia seems useless because it just an event, without implementation or can't become the final product that people can feel the benefit from the research. If we can connect research, business and market together hopefully, Indonesia not just mere consumer country.

We can make it if we want it.

Here, I can learn about so many business process from different kind area of businesses. I learn what they need to expand their business especially in IT area. I hope this is the right choice.

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