Minggu, 01 Januari 2012

2012: year of hope, maturity and determination

Tonight is a new year eve. We will leave 2011 soon and welcoming 2012. For me 2011 was an awesome year, an extraordinary year that I felt my life just like a sailing boat in the middle of stormy sea. A lot of things happened, big decisions are made and some confusing moment has passed.

In 2011 I graduated from college with my final project about medical instrumentation, "Development of Low Cost Electrocardiograph as a Non-invasive Heart Monitoring Device for Mice", cool title hah? I want to join medical school after senior high but then I decided to choose engineering over medical school. But finally I still can learn about medical instrumentation in college. It was like have a combo dream that comes true, became engineer and learn about medical things. Then I graduated.

Right after I graduated, even before graduation ceremony, I join Apprenticeship program from IBM. 4 month apprenticeship session and have a life changing experience. Learn about how big company work and learn to understand about customer requirement. We need to think both in technical perspective and business advantages perspective. Met with new friends, new family. Have a world wide working experience and team up with people from around the globe. Such a extraordinary experience.

After 4 months, the result from my apprenticeship session was good. They extend my apprenticeship session with 2 month internship program while preparing hiring ticket for the next year (2012, yes we already in 2012). But then here comes the crazy moment. I decided not to take the offering and risk my future for following my passion and purpose, engineering and healthcare. I love the company, they have extraordinary environment and many nice and talented person there. But I just follow my heart.

For me 2011 just like a year with the speed of light. Graduated from college, join an apprenticeship for one of the biggest MNC in the world and then decided to leave a secure job position to take the risk to follow my passion in engineering.

Now we welcoming 2012. 2012 that means a new hope for me. A year that will give me a maturity after took a life changing experience and a big decisions in 2011. A year that hopefully show my determination toward my dream, passion and purpose.

What a year. Hope for the best for 2012.

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Hans mengatakan...

tetap smgt yaah naren..smoga tahun baru ini membawa semangat dan sukacita baru =)

ceritagajahkecil mengatakan...

best of luck for you Naren...
thank you so much for such a nice experience with you during the apprentice program, and the krakatau journey also.. hahaha