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With Compassion Comes Courage

"Kenji Goh" cover

I just read my old favorite comic book, "Kenji Goh". Its about young boy that learn about kung fu and travel all around China. In the last chapter, I found amazing word by one of Kenji kung fu teacher, "with compassion comes courage". Its very amazing word that describe how compassion and love give us courage  to do something.

Kenji laoshi (teacher) told him about true courage
After I googled it, this words came from Lao Tse, one of famous Chinese philosopher. This english translation I took from "The Te of Piglet". Here is the complete poem from Lao Tse.

I have three treasures,
Which I guard and keep.

        The first is compassion.
        The second is economy.
        The third is humility.

From compassion comes courage.
From economy comes
       the means to be generous.
  From humility comes
        responsibility leadership.

          Today, men have discarded compassion
In order to be bold.
               They have abandoned economy
               In order to be big spenders.
                      They have rejected humility
                       In order to be first.
                            This is the road to death.
-Lao Tse-

I am no expert in Chinese philosophy but I found it amazing and still relevant today.

With compassion comes courage, life is about choices after all. We choose between what we love and what we love more. Sometimes choices comes with sacrifice, and in order to take the one that you love more you need courage to choose and move on. No matter its compassion towards other individuals, things, or even your dream.

From economy comes generosity. Of course we can't help other if we have not enough for our self. Its also teach us to not become greedy person. Greedy person will never feel enough. They will looking for more fortune, money or something else. But if we already felt that we had enough, it will open our heart and lead to generosity. Generosity about anything, not  only about money. Maybe its food, clothes or even intangible things like knowledge. 

From humility comes responsibility leadership. With humility we will treat other like we treat our self, no dictatorship and we will have responsibility leadership. Sometime, some people want be the first and become more and more superior, even sacrificing others for that. With humility, hopefully we can avoid that.

Compassion teach us about courage and sacrifice for others.
Economy teach us to become thankful and generous.
Humility teach us to acknowledge people and treat others as we treat our self.

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