Kamis, 15 Maret 2012

Meaning of Life

Back in college, my friend asked me to become community service leader in our organization. I used a simple picture to attract  my friend to become part of my team. Honestly, this picture and those one year experience as a community service leader affected me even up until now. Even give me courage to achieve bigger than have a fancy job with good salary in town.
This picture reminds me about a nice movie entitled "The Bucket List". In this movie, Morgan Freeman said:
In front of heaven gate, God will ask you two question 
Have you found joy in your life? 
Has your life brought joy to others? 

I don't know how long my life is. But I wanted to be useful for myself, for my family, for people around me, for my country and hopefully my religion. And hopefully at the and of the day, I can answer the question, confidently.

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